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The world of Al'Dravin, where Ragon is found, is not like our own in many ways.  First, and most notably, Al'Dravin is one of the "double planets" (or binary system) orbiting each other (our "twin" planet has a ring like Saturn).  Second, there are 4 moons.  Two around Al'Dravin in a tidal lock, 1 that orbits the other planet, and 1 that has an extremely wide orbit around both planets.  (I know this probably doesn't sound plausible or realistic but in a Universe of Infinite Possibilities it's out there somewhere haha.  And if that's not enough… Magic!).

So that means a couple things.  First, the scenery is beautiful with the "double planets" (especially from our world as we're looking at, effectively, a really close Saturn) along with numerous moons.  Second, the seas and oceans of Al'Dravin are intense.  The high tides are high, the low tides are low.  Most coastal cities are actually further inland and on much higher elevation than sea level.  Which actually makes trade routes by ship quite dangerous or perilous. 

Regions of Ragon

Goldbird Grasslands (Southern Ragon)

Imagine Scotland, with its high black rock coastal cliffs and steppes mixed with a tropical climate.  The inland is mostly green African grasslands with sporadic spots of dense forest.

Goldwing Plains (Central Ragon)


[[Steel Ice Tundras]] (Northern Ragon)


Highlands (Eastern Ragon)


Aisek Wasteland (Western Ragon)


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