Nestled between mountains to the east and west and swampland and forest to the south, the village of Whitesparrow serves as respite for those who travel along the modest trade route running through the surrounding valley.  An old keep overlooks like this village of five hundred people from an adjacent hill, with banners depicting the settlement's namesake bird fluttering from its square turrets.

After the keep, a great hand carved of black stone is Whitesparrow's second-most-visible landmark, rising up at the center of the village with its thumb and five fingers splayed out.  The area around the hand is a great dig, where previous generations tried and failed to excavate whatever lay beneath it.  

An open-air stone temple, a two-story inn built atop steaming hot springs, and an outfitters' shop stand among two dozen other buildings that make up the heart of the village, while farmhouses dot the neighboring hillsides, surrounded by broad fields of crops.

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