Goldbird Grasslands

Goldbird Grassland Nations

  • Striasnia

Striasna Cities

Bodies of water

  • Ferrasai River
  • Erra River
  • Knor Sea
  • Net Sea

Notable Locations


Southern Ragon Deities

Old Gods

(There are other Old Gods but Elos is most commonly worshiped in Southern Ragon)

  • Eliwyn – Goddess of the Spirit & Nature
  • Elos – God of the Ether & Trickery


  • Morwyn – Goddess of Healing
  • Taranius – God of Battle & Storms
  • Bayne – God of Death and Rebirth
  • Isis – Goddess of Magic
  • Sammas – God of Justice
  • Maal – God of Nature


(But more commonly worshipped in Southern Ragon)


Goldbird Grasslands

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