Roana Grayspawn

Short straight horns and short, fiery, red hair - and clear, white eyes


“Every creature has a weakness. The wise hero trains for what she will face.” – Roana Grayspawn

Has kept her muscled shoulders and back from her time as an archer.

Still has excellent vision and is very observant. Has a good recall of what people wore when she last saw them, where they stood and what they were up to.

She might be too old to use her bow or be very physically active but her mind is as sharp as it always has been.

Occupation: Retired archer – was recognized in her day as the best shot in the army.


A shady antiquities dealer who spends her days soaking in the hot spring baths of the Summerspring Inn in Whitesparrow, Roana has made known her interest in purchasing relics of a fiendish nature. She knows some of the secrets and lore of angels and devils.

Roana Grayspawn

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