Ralavaz the Night Blade


Ralavaz is a 44 years old male human bandit.
He has messy auburn brown hair and dark eyes.
He has rough golden skin.
He stands 142cm (4’7") tall and has a round build.
He has an oval, incredibly fanciable face with a short beard.
He is easily out of breath.
He is deaf from the right ear.

Personality Traits
He openly claims to worship Tempus, but secretly worships Sune, Goddess of beauty, love, passion. (Chaotic Good)
He is polite and respectful.
He is very talkative.
He sees fighting as a solution to any problem.
He frequently misuses long words to sound smarter.
He has a pet dog companion named Bailey.


Ralavaz is the elder of the brothers who led the Night Blades ten years ago, and the only known survivor of the fire that wiped the bandits out. He has returned to the ruined tower known as The Lonely Torch, where new members of the Night Blade bandits now dwell.

Ralavaz the Night Blade

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