Gardren the Night Lord


“Continue the onslaught! Destroy. Them. All.” – Gardren

Gardren is a 32 years old male human bandit.
He has a bald burn scarred head and light eyes.
He has rugged, sunburned, red skin.
He stands 159cm (6’2") tall and has a lean build.
He has a sharp, unremarkable face.
He is very nimble.

Personality Traits
He discretely worships the demon prince Orcus, Demon lord of undeath. (Chaotic Evil)
He is very empathic towards others.
He is very generous.
He judges people on their fighting skills.
He intermittently asks for help.
He lies poorly on purpose.


The younger of the brothers who once led the Night Blades, Garden is now dead. Ten years ago, the first incarnation of the Night Blades were cornered in a barn near The Lonely Torch watchtower. Angry villagers set the structure ablaze, and only Ralavaz made it out alive.

Gardren the Night Lord

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