Welcome to our world.  Al'Dravin in a gritty world full of "evil" sorcerers and many decadent cities build upon ancient civilizations and ruins built atop ruins.  Many protagonists are motivated more by greed and self interest than by altruistic virtue.  Events, ambitious and world changing alike, are unfolding throughout the world, where will you leave your mark?  Who will you save?  What will you sacrifice?

In Al'Dravin there are multiple and numerous humanoid races that coexist with humans.  Among them, some follow the life of adventuring.  Some for gold, others glory, yet all of them come from ordinary backgrounds.  Whatever the reason they are compelled to the adventuring life.  You are among their numbers.  Wielding powerful magics and highly sought after skills; but be warned, adventurers are not welcome everywhere and there are a lot of people trying to survive, even if that means putting a knife to the back of someone that showed them kindness before.

Combat will be brutal – choose your fights wisely.  Recovery time will be slow – plan.  Plan well or be heroic and the rewards will be grand when earned.

Southern Ragon (World of Al'Dravin)

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